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Best Restaurants for Tapas Leeds – Spanish tapas conjures up holiday memories of times spent in Mediterranean bars enjoying delicious local delicacies along with your Pina Colada. But where did tapas originate?

Interesting fact – Tapa in Spanish means to ” cover” or ” lid” and a popular tale describing the origin of tapas is that it is the result of bar keepers using of bread or some meat and cheese to cover customers’ glasses to keep out debris and flies. Another story goes back many years to the time of King Alfonso X ‘The Wise’ . He is said to have enjoyed small plates  of food to offset the effects of the large amounts of wine he drank while he was unwell and bedridden. When he recovered, he declared the small bites and wine combination mandatory to his people. However it originated, we can all agree its delicious. So, lets check out the 5 Best Tapas Restaurants Leeds.


Hepper House, 17A East Parade Leeds LS1 2BH

Sophisticated Spanish dining at it absolute finest – Ibérica Leeds was “painstakingly built within the historic Hepper House, which is a Grade-Two-listed former cloth merchants. Within the decorated stone exterior of this magnificent 19th Century building, you’ll find a light and airy restaurant, with high ceilings and stunning chandeliers. In the daytime, the skylight running the entire length of the main dining room floods the restaurant with natural light. Our basement wine bar La Bodega (Spanish for winery) serves a selection of over 70 carefully sourced Spanish wines, as well as delicious tapas, Spanish cheeses, and serrano and Ibérico hams. Join us for a tapas lunch or after-work drinks, a night out with friends or a romantic meal for two.” Below are just a few of the delights available on the menu.

Artisan cheese selection 

~San Simón, Massimo Rey Silo, Manchego Reserva, Peralzola and organic Sujaira~

Jambon Iberico

~jamón Ibérico that is made from 100% pure-breed, black Iberian pig. These pigs mature slowly; freely-roaming the Spanish countryside, grazing in fields and acorn woods~

Hake with cider 

~Hake cooked in an Asturian cider sauce with mussels and potatoes~

Seafood paella (for two) 
~with prawns, squid and langoustines~

Twice Cooked Lamb 
~with marinated cherry tomatoes & red peppers from León~

tapas restaurant leeds

Ambiente Tapas Leeds

36 – 38 The Calls, Leeds LS2 7EW

Ambiente Tapas Leeds is a super stylish restaurant, inspired by Spain’s tabancos and traditional dishes,  also offering a modern take on some of Spain’s classics. A peek into the kitchen will reveal talented chefs cooking tapas to order and mastering the barbecue Josper oven. Some of the stand out dishes on the menu are listed below.

Wheel of Tapas 
~A platter of white & brown anchovy fillets, Idiazabal cheese & Serrano ham all served on bread & arranged
around a small bowl of olives~

Empanada de ternera 
~Slow braised spiced beef, wrapped in pastry & deep fried served with homemade sweet chilli sauce~

Gambas al tempura 
~Tiger prawns deep fried in lightly spiced tempura batter & served with aïoli~

Queso de cabra e hinoji 
~Soft, mild goats cheese lightly battered & drizzled with honey, served with braised fennel & beetroot crisps~

Mejillones a la marinera 
~Mussels steamed in white wine & garlic cream~

tapas leeds
Ambiente Tapas Leeds

La Casita Leeds

Arch U Granary Wharf, Dark Neville Street, LS1 4BR

At La Casita you can expect to enjoy contemporary Spanish tapas & an excellent selection of drinks with indoor and outdoor seating, all situated within a renovated space under a train station. They offer a mouth watering menu, some of the stand out dishes are listed below.

~Made from the eye of the pork loin, rubbed in salt, paprika and dry cured for 4-6 weeks. This Lomo De Cerdo is soft and mild with savoury and woody notes. Served with tomato salsa, pickled chillies and garlic croutons~

Montbru Garrotxa
~A goat’s cheese, with an intense, fresh and slightly citric flavour and a buttery texture with an intense aroma. Served with PX marmalade, quince and crackers~

Villadiego Manchego 
~A raw ewe’s milk cheese, with pocket holes showing notes of dry pasture and toasted pistachios with lots of creaminess. Served with PX marmalade, quince and crackers~

restaurants for tapas in leeds
La Casita Leeds

El Gato Negro Leeds

35 Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5JL

El Gato Negro Leeds is located in a Yorkshire stone-clad former bank on the corner of Park Row and Bond Street. The elegant and sophisticated premises house both restaurant and bar, offering a range of award-winning tapas options. Some of the most mouth watering options on the menu are listed below.

~Charcuterie board: jamón serrano; salchichón ibérico; olive torta; aged Manchego with orange blossom honey; Monte Enebro goats cheese, quince jelly~

~Salt cod croquetas, piquillo pepper purée and aioli~

~Chargrilled lamb skewers with butter bean hummus & harissa yoghurt ~

~Catalan bread with olive oil, garlic and fresh tomato~

~Griddled sea bream with butterbean hummus, fennel, orange and basil~

tapas leeds
El Gato Negro Leeds

Dos Amigos

68-70 Abbey Road, Leeds, LS5 3JG

Dos Amigos is a family run restaurant located just outside Leeds City Centre. They are well known for specializing in freshly made Spanish and Italian food and offer many traditional dishes using home made recipes.  They use the best ingredients available to ensure delicious and authentic tasting food. Some of their yummy dishes are listed below.

~Pork & beef homemade meatballs in a tomato sauce~

~Diced wild boar haunch braised in molasses, prunes, apricots, & almond~

~Mixed beans casserole with red peppers, tomato sauce & coriander~

~Prawns, shellfish, chicken & chicken livers all cooked in saffron bomba rice & smoked paprika ~

~Meaty pork belly ribs in our own sweet & sour sticky sauce~

tapas restaurant leeds
Dos Amigos

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Best Japanese Restaurants in Leeds – Japanese food is one of the top rated cuisines in the world. It may be surprising to learn that the Michelin Guide has presented a maximum number of Michelin stars to Japanese restaurants. The Japanese are obviously dedicated foodies! Interestingly, Tokyo has more restaurants than any other city in the world, with an estimated 150,000 venues. For comparison,  in 2018 there were 88,848 businesses operating in the restaurant and mobile food service industry in the UK!

A fun and slightly crazy fact about Japanese food is about Fugu. Fugu, the Japanese pufferfish, contains one of the world’s most potent toxins.  Highly trained Fugu chefs must be licensed to remove the potentially deadly organs. Despite the risks, around 10,000 tons of fugu is eaten annually in Japan, where it is considered a winter delicacy. Lets look at the Best Japanese Restaurants in Leeds.


Issho Japanese Restaurant

Victoria Gate 3rd Floor Rooftop, George St, Leeds LS2 7AU

Issho – “meaning ‘together’ in Japanese – is a contemporary Japanese rooftop restaurant & bar in Leeds’ Victoria Gate. Issho champions dishes that are designed to be shared amongst friends and family.  Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine whilst sitting at the open kitchen counters.  It is a contemporary Japanese dining destination. Issho is a stylish space, open for lunch, dinner & weekend brunch, serving plenty of favourite Japanese dishes.”

Japanese Restaurant Leeds
Issho Japanese Restaurant

Little Tokyo

24 Central Rd, Leeds LS1 6DE

Little Tokyo – ” A Japanese Restaurant with Yorkshire roots.  Here we aim to bring the unique and delicate tastes of Japan to you, with ingredients and inspiration found in Yorkshire. When you dine with us, you can expect to enjoy a friendly & quick service, alongside a cosy atmosphere that will help you relax whilst you eat and drink the night away with your friends & family. Come Join us on our journey to bring a Little part of Japan, to the heart of Yorkshire. – Little Tokyo.”

Below we tease your taste buds with some examples from the delicious menu available at Little Tokyo.

Dancing Salmon 

~seared salmon avocado roll, topped with Japanese majo and spring onions~

Fish Balls

~home made fish balls deep fried and simmered in soy sauce~

Duck with mango

~roasted duck with real mango pulp~

Charcoal grilled eel teriyaki

~traditional eel meal, flambeed in teriyaki sauce~

Japanese restaurant leeds
Little Tokyo



Belgrave Hall, Belgrave Street, Leeds

The word Teppanyaki is derived from “Teppan” meaning iron hot plate and “Yaki” which means means to grill or fry.  “Never tried Teppanyaki style cooking? Sit around our teppan hot plates and watch as our chefs skilfully cook your food in front of you, using their theatrical skills, juggling, flipping and with a dash of fire, your meal is prepared for you before your very eyes. A taste of Japan that you will remember. If you enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine, then visit Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant in Leeds. This restaurant serves delicious food cooked to an incredibly high standard, ensuring that a visit here will not be wasted.” Here are some of the stars of the menu.

~Kansai Beef Vegetables rolled in thinly sliced beef cooked in teriyaki sauce~

~Lobster Tail with ginger and spring onions~

~Teriyaki Chicken Maki – Teriyaki chicken, lettuce and mayo sushi roll~

~Ebi Furai – King Prawn, deep fried in Japanese breadcrumbs~

Japanese Restaurant in Leeds
Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant in Leeds

Blue Sakura

2-3 Merrion Way Leeds LS2 8BT

Blue Sakura offers a unique all you can eat concept of Japanese sushi and Asian style grill.  “Get acquainted with hundreds of delicious cold and hot traditional Japanese Sushi dishes at an affordable price all ordered via touch screen technology at their tables. The restaurant’s comfortable interior is distinguished by its luxurious furniture, ambient lighting and Japanese inspired art – perfect for both larger parties and intimate evenings alike.”

Hot and Sour Soup 
~Northern Chinese thick soup, chillies, carrot, tofu, egg, fungus & mushrooms~

Seaweed Salad 
~Japanese Seaweed with sesame dressing~

Chicken Katsu Roll 
~Breaded Chicken breast with Japanese Mayo Sauce~

japanese Leeds
Blue Sakura

Fuji Hiro

45 Wade Lane Leeds City Centre West Yorkshire LS2 8NJ

Established  in 1997, Fuji Hiro was the first Japanese restaurant to open in Leeds.  Decorated in traditional style with Japanese art adorning the walls and old sake bottles spread around the room, Fuji Hiro offers an authentic Japanese experience.

Yasai- Tempura- Udon/Soba
~Crispy assorted vegetables with homemade dash stock, spring onions and noodles~

Chicken ramen
~Soup based noodles topped with slices of grilled chicken breast, watercress, wakame, and garnished with spring onions~

~Soba noodles with chicken, prawns, onions, sweet peppers, carrots, leaks and bean sprouts, garnished with sesame seeds~

Tetsujin Chef Special Sashimi 
~Head Chef’s Selection of deluxe assorted sashimi~

Chilli Yasai soba
~Soba noodles with ginger, garlic, red chillies, celery, courgettes, fried tofu, mange tout, bean sprouts, carrots and coriander~

Japanese restaurants in Leeds
Fuji Hiro


331 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 4HT

Yokohama is a contemporary Korean and Japanese Restaurant conveniently located  in the centre of Leeds, serving both authentic Korean and Japanese food.  “Our food is all freshly prepared in-house to order, using the best quality ingredients from local suppliers. With over 100 dishes to choose from, including sushi, sushi rolls, sashimi, grilled food, tempura and last but not least rice and noodles.”

Spicy Seafood Ramen

~spicy ramen noodle soup with seafood and vegetables~

Seabass Teriaki

~grilled seabass fillet with teriaki~

Yaki Gyoza

~deep fried dumplings with chicken and vegetables~

Dolsot Bibimbab

~mixed vegetables with beef in a stone bowl~

japanese restaurants Leeds


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Plant-Based Vegan Restaurants in Leeds – Recently there has been a quite a sharp rise in the amount of people who have chosen to live a plant-based vegan lifestyle. However, veganism isn’t a modern concept. Evidence of people choosing to avoid animal products all together can be traced back over 2,000 years. As early as 500 BCE, Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras promoted benevolence among all species and followed what could be described as a vegetarian diet.  Around the same time, Siddhārtha Gautama (aka Buddha) was discussing vegetarian diets with his followers. Here with have the Best Vegan Restaurants in Leeds.



Humpit is a modern and trendy vegan restaurant in Leeds. If you’re looking for a simple yet delicious cuisine that will suit everyone, then visit Humpit. From  legendary ‘Pita Platters’ to full sharing hummus & falafel buffets, everyone will leave satisfied.

Filled Pita 


Turkish Pizza


Meze Box


Hummus Bowl


plant based restaurant leeds
Humpit Plant Based Restaurant Leeds

Roots and Fruits

10- 11 Grand Arcade, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Roots and fruits is a plant based restaurant offering vegan cuisine, with some vegetarian options. 

The sort of food you can expect to enjoy at Roots and Fruits can be seen below.

~A soup of the day~

~Delicious scran on toast~

~Fresh Seasonal salad~

~A vegan burger with chips and a slaw~

~A pasta dish brought to us by our Italian chef~

~An array of GF and vegan cakes~

~vegan treats-marshmallows~

vegan restaurant leeds
Roots and Fruits


Punk Vegan

82 Brudenell Rd, Leeds, England, LS6 1EG

Punk Vegan offers vegan fast food like burgers, wraps, pizzas, and nachos. Established in 2019 Punk vegan has earned a very good reputation among the vegan community.

Cauli Wrap 

~ cauliflour, crunchy slaw, fried cauli wings, mayo, chilli sauce ~

Chuna Melt 

~creamy chickpea, ” tuna” , red onion~


~” beef” patty, creamy slaw, bbq sauce, onion ring~

Vegan Restaurant in Leeds
Punk Vegan

Knaves Kitchen

33 Call Ln, Leeds LS1 7BT

At Knaves Kitchen you find all the deliciousness of good old fashioned junk food – but conscience free – as it is vegan junk food! Some of the wonderful dishes on offer include German-style Bratwurst corn dogs, vegan beef burger patties made from seitan and deep-fried pizza rolls.

~Vegan Cumberland Sausage, facon, hash browns, beans, tofu scrambled eggs ~

~ Cauliflower grilled cheese ~

~vegan American pancakes~

plant based restaurant Leeds
Knaves Kitchen



73 Great George Street, LS1 3BR

Fettle are not completely vegan but have a large plant based menu.  They are “open for early breakfast, brunch, and evening meals, we have created a relaxed, organic environment for both our guests and team with quality food that has been locally sourced. A creation of passion bringing together good food, great company, and an unforgettable experience in the calm, picturesque surroundings of Great George Street. We believe food tastes even better if eaten in a happy environment where we work to support our local community, protecting our environment: this is the fettle way.”  Brunch options include:

~Butternut squash pearl barley risotto, lemon and thyme seed cream~

~Roasted cauliflower, tahini, smoked paprika~

~Ackee cream, truffle toast~

~Mushrooms on Pumpernickel Rye Toast ~

brunch in leeds

Doner Summer

0-12 Call Ln, Leeds LS1 6DN

Doner Summer is a quirky and vibrant vegan restaurant.. Known fondly as ” Vegan junk Food”.

An idea of the delicious dishes they serve are shown below.

Bad Girl Kebab

~doner, garlic chill chick’n, pickled pink cabbage, lettuce, peppers, cucuber, tomatoes, garlic chilli and scotch bonnet sauce served in a bread of your choice~

Chick’n Parm Kebab

~your choice of bread with garlic parsley butter, lettuce, dill pickles, fried crispy chicken, philly cheese, tomato relish and parmesan~

Korean BBQ Teller

~skin on loaded fries with 5 spice, chick’n, korean bbq sauce, pink cabbage, cucumber, pickled daikon, chilli mayo and spring onions~

vegan junk food
Doner Summer




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Indian Restaurant Leeds – Indian food is hugely popular in the UK. Have you ever wondered why Indian food is usually so spicy? Indian curries use so much spice for a number of reasons. In hot climates like India, bacteria will spoil food quickly, yet spices have antibacterial properties and can kill 75% of the bacteria in food. Spices are also healthy with antioxidants and of course they also provide a variety of delicious flavours.

Interestingly though,  in India you won’t find curry powder in grocery stores and you won’t find curry dishes at local restaurants. Indians don’t use “curry,” because this is a word the British created to refer to all Indian dishes. Through the years, and with thanks to foreigners the word curry has come to describe many Indian dishes.

Here we have the Best Indian Restaurants in Leeds.

Bengal Brasserie

The Bengal Brasserie, 5 Merrion Way, Leeds, LS2 8BT

Conveniently located in Leeds city centre, close to Leeds First Direct Arena is where you will find the Bengal Brasserie’s flagship restaurant. The restaurant has been furnished to high standards in a modern and contemporary way, giving a special and authentic feel.

Offering a fully licensed bar, pleasant surroundings and excellent food, the Bengal Brasserie is the perfect choice for a romantic meal, an enjoyable evening out with the family or  if you are simply seeking great “award winning” food in a friendly and comfortable environment. Some of the stars of the menu are listed below.

Liver Tikka 
~Chicken liver marinated in selected herbs and spices served with a fresh green salad~

Prawn ChotPati 
~King prawns marinated in herbs, spices, battered and deep fried~

Sylheti (hot)
~A unique Bengali dish from the province of Sylhet, made from the finest ingredients and flavoured with fresh green chillies, cloves, cumin seeds, black pepper and garnished with coriander and spring onions~

King Prawn Nawabi 
~Whole king prawns marinated with special herbs and spices tenderly
cooked and garnished with salad and served on a plate with pilau rice~

Lamb Chop Laziz 
~This is one of the royal traditional dishes of Bengal – Lamb chop
marinated and cooked with chef’s secret combination of herbs and
spices, a special treat to please yourself. Served with pilau rice
and fresh green salad~

indian restaurant leeds
Bengal Brasserie

De Baga

9 Otley Rd, Headingley, Leeds LS6 3AA,

All about the popular Leeds restaurant, De Baga.  “Elegant and nostalgic, DE BAGA is one of the best fine-casual dining restaurants in Headingley, Leeds with lively atmosphere and attentive service. When it comes to food, our specialty is the traditional Goan cuisine with a modern interpretation – Celebrating the “East Meets West” spirit of GOA. DE BAGA captures the British spirit of adventure about food, an appreciation of the freshest seasonal ingredients and a desire to reinterpret familiar dishes with unexpected twists. Our food is for people who care about what they eat. We welcome you to the journey of healthy & innovative food!”

Here are some of the stars from the menu at De Baga.

Dal Bukhara

~It is velvety smooth Dal. Whether its dal makhani or dal Bukhara they are classics 20th century Indian culinary curries. Dal bukhara is slow cooked black lentils, kidney beans simmered in a tomato base sauce for hours~

Gazab Ka Keema

~parsi spiced minced lamb cooked with egg yolk. The joy of mopping the plate with the minced lamb gravy and the runny eggs is seconds to none~

Makan Wale Ke Murgi

~Chargrilled chicken tossed in honey tomato rich sauce and braised fenugreek leaves~

Konkani Seafood Curry

~A classic dish in Konkani cuisine. Coastal fish curry with tender coconut, kokum, and curry leaves. Flavoured with sichuan pepper~
indian restaurants in leeds
De Baga


12-14 Bank St, LS22 6NQ

Mango is an award-winning Indian vegetarian restaurant. Mango deliver fresh, home-cooked food with little modern twists from the kitchen. Our ethos is simple: ‘We’ll serve you what we would eat at home.’ All of our dishes have been tried and tested in the Sonigra household for generations and with over 20 people in the family, that’s no mean feat! The Sonigra family originate from the west Indian state of Gujarat, where over 50% of the general public practise vegetarianism as part of the predominant religion, Hinduism. This way of life has been instilled in this region for centuries. Gujarati food has evolved and adapted to create dishes revolving around seasonal, local produce and complimentary spicing; a technique observed in Mango. Every dish we serve is a unique recipe, complete in its own right and homage to whichever lentil or vegetable is within it.”

~black lentil and cracked pepper papaddom, served with sweet mango and cardamom chutney~

Mysore masala dosa 
~savoury crêpe made of fermented rice and lentils,
filled with a mixed vegetable curry and a garlic and chilli paste – can be made vegan ~

Tarka daal 
~five lentil daal flavoured with traditional aromatic spices, garlic and ginger~

Ragda Pettis 
~spiced, crushed potato rounds in a white pea and tomato curry sauce, topped with date and tamarind chutney, seasoned gram vermicelli, red onion, pomegranates and coriander~

Indian restaurant in leeds


7-8 Mill Hill, Leeds LS1 5DQ

For authentic and multi award winning indian cuisine visit Tharavadu.  Tharavadu, is a place where you will experience the flavours of traditional Kerala cooking from the hands of chefs who learned the first lessons from these traditional Nair Tharavadu. The chefs are born and brought up in Kerala and has got numerous years of experience in this traditional way of cooking. So there will be no compromise on the quality you can say with- out any doubt it will be the best Indian restaurant in town, a change to the normal curry house. Tharavadu – The First authentic Kerala Restaurant in Leeds has become one the favourite dining spot of the region in a very short span of time. Tharavadu entered in to the top 10 restaurants in Leeds with in the first week of opening in the most trusted travel website in the world Tripadvisor.”

~Rasam – The essence of South India. Rasam used to be consumed
as a natural medicine to cure many diseases in Ayurvedic System
of Medicine. Here in Tharavadu we are infusing the riches of
prawns to the traditionally prepared Rasam using tomato, black
pepper, cumin and other spices as seasonings~

~One of the most sought after dish of India. Fresh homemade
Indian cottage cheese called paneer sautéed with onion,
peppers, tomato and aromatic Kerala spices~

~Egg Roast is a delicious preparation of boiled eggs in a delicious onion and tomato gravy. At Tharavadu we serve italong with steamed appam and is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in Kerala~

~Rice and lentil pan cake thinly spread with special keralan aromatic chutney and butter, stuffed with ‘dosa masala’ made of vegetables and seasoned potatoes.~

Indian Leeds

Prashad – on the Outskirts of Leeds

137 Whitehall Rd, Drighlington, BD11 1AT

Famous for its delicious authentic North West Indian recipes , Prashad offer a classically Indian dining experience.  Some of the wonderful cuisine on offer is listed below.

Lassan Paneer Tikka 
~Tandoored paneer infused with garlic, lime & chives~
Methi Khanda Bhajia 
~Garam Massala infused fenugreek leaves & onion bhajis~
~A medley of tastes and textures: diced hot samosa, topped with crisp pastry, potato, chickpeas, yoghurt & tamarind dressing~


Masala Dosa 

~Additional Paneer Filling  Lentil & rice flour crepe with a spiced potato & onion curry, served with lentil broth and coconut chutney~
Pani Puri 
~Mini puris filled with kachumber and served with a spicy herb sauce, tamarind chutney & a warm pea raghra~
indian restaurants in leeds
Prashad Indian Restaurant

Best Chinese Restaurants in Leeds – The history of Chinese food goes back several thousand years to the earliest days of this ancient civilization. Its forms have changed from time to time, moulded  by new fashions, climate,  local preferences and influences from surrounding cultures. The UK got its first taste of Chinese food in 1884, in London, at the International Health Exhibition. A restaurant was constructed with chefs, ingredients and even interiors shipped in from China. The tabloid relentlessly mocked the food, but it was a huge hit with the public, and the rest was, of course , noodle history.  Let’s check out the Best Chinese Restaurants in Leeds.

G – Wu

Stainburn Parade | 300 Harrogate Rd | Leeds | LS17 6LY

G – Wu offer an extensive menu of delicious Chinese cuisine for both eat- in and take-away. The restaurant comprises of  a ground-floor lounge and bar, and a spacious modern upstairs room for larger parties. Below is a small selection of the mouth watering dishes available on the G-Wu menu.


Here’s a list of the delicious variety of chow mein (crispy or soft) noodles to choose from:

~Chow Mein Crispy or Soft Noodles~
~Udon Thick, White Noodles~ 
~Ho Fun Flat, Rice Noodles~ 
~Soup Noodles in Broth, Vegetarian Prawns,Vegetarian Chicken, Mixed Vegetables~

Filet Steak 

You can enjoy your fillet steak with any of the following :

~Ginger and Spring Onions~
~Green Peppers and Black Bean Sauce~
~Onions and Black Pepper~
~OK Sauce~
~Satay Sauce~
~Szechuan Sauce~
~Kung Po Sauce ~
~Hot and Spicy Sauce~

Aromatic Duck

~Crispy Aromatic Duck, served with pancakes, hoi sin sauce and salad~

chinese restaurants in leeds
G – Wu

Crown Buffet

Gower Street, Leeds , LS2 7PX  

Established in 2007, The Crown Buffet is a family run business well known for bringing the taste of East to the West. Offering an extensive choice of menus and dishes to cater for most tastes the Crown Buffet has  the capability to seat 160 persons at any one time. Below are some of the stars of the menu on offer.

~ Marinated shredded chicken with jelly fish~

~Wine soaked chicken feet ~

~Shell on king prawn with glass noodles in black pepper sauce ~

~ Sizzling fillet steak in Peking sauce~

~Shell on tiger prawns with soy sauce ~

~Cuttle fish cake with vegetables ~

~Sliced ox tripe and tongue in chilli sauce~

chinese restaurant leeds
Crown Buffet


Offering a delectable mix of modern and traditional dishes, Tattu is a trendy, Chinese restaurant in the heart of Leeds.  Just a few of the delicious items from the menu are listed below.

Wok Fried Angry Bird ~Chicken, roasted chilli peppers and sesame honey soy~

Iberico Pork  ~Pineapple, banana shallots and dragon fruit~

Thai Style Crispy Monkfish ~ Lime, shallots and lemongrass~

Lobster and Prawn Toast ~Sweet and sour chilli sauce~

Crispy Pork Belly ~ Black vinegar and coriander~

leeds chinese restaurant

Red Chilli Chinese Restaurant

6 Great George St, Leeds LS1 3DW

Red Chilli offers classical and modern Chinese dishes in an elegant room styled after Shanghai of the 1920s.

“Red Chilli is a restaurant with a mission – to enhance your experience in Chinese food, looking after your pocket, stomach and soul. We specialise in the finest Beijing and Sichuan dishes. All our chefs are well trained with experience gained from various Chinese embassies and five star hotels. Our menu is compiled with an appreciation of customers various experiences and adventurous spirit in Chinese food.  Our decor is contemporary with the depth of Chinese culture. Armed with the well compiled menu, an ‘exemplary’ wine list and norm breaking decor, Red Chilli is set in a class of its own. ”

Here we list some of the stand out dishes on offer on the menu –

~Crispy Shredded Beef Fillet in Cantonese Sauce~

~Crispy Whole Sea Bass with Sweet Vinegar~

~Chicken Skewer with Peanut Satay Sauce~

~Three Delicacies Seafood Hot & Sour Soup~

chinese restaurants in leeds
Red Chilli Chinese Restaurant

Mans Market

Unit F, West Point, Wellington Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4JJ

Mans Market gets its inspiration from a small fishing village in Hong Kong. Its creation resulted in many years of travelling, observation, education and education in the art of cooking Chinese cuisine.
An elaborate and theatrical entrance welcomes you , which was based on the Ladies Market in Hong Kong. Inside you will enjoy fun cocktails and a classic Chinese menu modernized with a new aged twist.  A few of the stand out dishes available on the menu are listed below.

~Spicy Rice with Peppers, Onion, Chilli and Chinese greens – add Prawns and Chicken~

~Chopped Veg, wrapped in pastry and steamed then pan fried ~

~Lighter Madras style Curry with Chicken, Potato, Peppers, Onion, Tamarind and Lime~

~Ramen Noodles served with a Fried Egg and Pak Choi. Soy Vegetable broth~

~Battered Prawns with a Marie Rosesauce and a crack of spice~ 


chinese restaurant leeds
Mans Market


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Best Italian Restaurants in Leeds – Italian food…the glorious delights of the pizza and pasta dishes that we have all come to know so well. Before we dive into the Best Italian Restaurants in Leeds I’m going to share with you some fascinating facts that you can dazzle your friends with next time you are enjoying a spag bol together.  Did you know that in Italy spaghetti bolognese isn’t served with spaghetti at all, but with tagliatelle? In-fact the Italians don’t even call it bolognese, they call it ragu! The reason  us foreigners use a different name? Legend has it that in WW2, foreign soldiers passed through the city of Bologna were introduced to this wonderful sauce. On returning home they wanted to recreate this delicious pasta dish that they had enjoyed so much but they couldn’t remember the original name  so it became the sauce of Bologna, the Bolognese sauce. What we do know as fact is that you will not find spaghetti bolognese on the menu of any self respecting Italian restaurant!  Anyway, you are here to find Italian restaurants in Leeds –

Viva Italian Restaurant

9-11 Bridge End, Leeds LS1 7HG

At Viva Restaurant they offer a comfortable and relaxing setting where you can enjoy authentic Italian cuisine. The menu is traditionally Italian with something delicious to suit everybody’s taste. Below are just a few of the mouth watering options available.

Bresaola della Valtellina 

~Cured Italian beef thinly sliced, cheese shavings, seasonal leaves and virgin olive oil~

Battuta di Pollo alla Milanese 

~Chicken breast, bread crumbed and pan fried served on a bed of garlic and chilli spaghetti, salad & vegetable~

Filetto ai Gamberoni 

~Grilled fillet steak served with king prawns and garlic on a bed of seasonal leaves~

Spaghetti all Pesto Sauce (V) 

~ Homemade sauce from fresh basil, pine kernels, parmesan, pecorino cheese, garlic, extra virgin and olive oil~

Rustica Funghi (V) 

~Parcels of wild mushrooms in a cream, sun dried tomato pesto and mascarpone sauce~

italian restaurant leeds
Viva Italian Restaurant

Trattoria II Forno

85 Town St, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5BP

At Trattoria II Forno they offer a classic Italian experience, including a warm and friendly vibe and a menu of traditional Italian dishes including wood fired pizzas. Here are some of the delights that they have on offer.

Insalata di Pollo 
~Pan fried chicken breast on a mixed leaf salad with
croutons and parmesan, with a Ceasar salad dressing
with anchovies~

Medaglioni di Maiale 
~Pork medallions in a creamy Marsala wine and mushroom sauce served with crushed potatoes, caramelised onions and pancetta~

Risotto Primavera 
~Risotto with asparagus, peas and broccoli finished with crumbled goats cheese, dill and chives and parmesan~

Pizza alle Polpette 
~tomato sauce, mozzarella, juicy homemade beef
meatballs, mixed bell peppers, jalapenos, rocket and
parmesan shavings~

best italian restaurants in leeds
Trattoria II Forno

Z U C C O Italian restaurant in Leeds

603 Meanwood Road, Leeds LS6 4AY

Offering an extensive classic Italian menu, including, currently, an extensive take away service, Zucco is well respected for its fine Mediterranean cuisine. A contemporary Italian restaurant and bar with a vibrant feel. Some of the delicious menu options are below.

Baked Figs

~served with gorgonzola and prosciutto crudo~

Spaghetti all vongole

~served with pancetta, chilli and garlic~

Ox cheek

~Ox cheek, pea and grana padano risotto~

Italian restaurant in Leeds
Z U C C O Italian restaurant in Leeds

Da Vito Ristorante

3 York Place, Leeds LS12DR, near Metropolitan Hotel

Da Vito Ristorante invite you to visit them and discover the true Italian cuisine, featuring antipasti, paste, minestre, carni, pesce. Some of the stars of the menu are listed below.

Brie Fritto

~Deep fried Brie cheese, seasonal leaves, compote of woodland berries/seasonal fruit~

Tagliolini with Fresh & Smoked Salmon

~Fresh egg pasta tagliolini with fresh & smoked Salmon, cream and tomatoe sauce~

Tagliata Di Manzo

~Grilled prime sirloin steak, sliced and finished in the oven with evo oil, on a bed of spinach and wild mushroom, pecorino cheese~

Pollo Milano

~Chicken breast bread crumbed and pan-fried served on a bed of garlic and chilli spaghetti~

Tagliolini with Homemade Pesto Genovese

~Homemade sauxe from fresh basil, pine kernels, parmesan, pecorino cheese, garlic, evo~
italian leeds
Da Vito Ristorante

Culto – Italian

97 Stainbeck Road, Leeds, LS7 2PR

At Culto visitors enjoy a bright, relaxed dining experience with a wonderful choice of  Italian fare including traditional pasta dishes, pizza & salads. Some of the stand out items on the menu are listed below.

Arancini Ripieni Cotto e Mozzarella 
~Sicilian rice balls coated in breadcrumbs, filled with cooked
ham and mozzarella ~

Linguine Rosse (v)
~Linguine pasta cooked in wood aged Barolo wine sauce with
onions and black pepper~

Linguine Mediterráneo
~linguine pasta with prawns, courgettes, tomatoes in creamy sauce~

~Cultos most famous pizza – Mild spicy Italian salami, Nduja(hot ground sausage imported from Calabria), fresh chilli, ham~

Petto di pollo alla griglia
~Charcoal grilled chicken breast marinated for 24h with extra
virgin olive oil, capers, garlic and chilli~

Best Italian Leeds
Culto – Italian





Brazilian Restaurants Leeds – You’re may be familiar with  the Brazilian Barbecue restaurants in America and Europe, where waiters are armed with giant hunks of meat, from which they slice pieces off directly onto the plates of the guests. It may seem like a gimmick, but the barbecue in Brazil (known as churrasco) is  an important part of the regional diet. Churrasco uses a variety of meats like beef, pork, chicken, and sausage that are cooked over a large “churrasqueira” charcoal barbecue grill.  The barbecues themselves usually have supports for spits or skewers, and often have nothing separating the meat and the embers. Beef is the most popular meat prepared on the churrasco. It is usually marinated in delicious flavours, including lime, lemon, or garlic for several hours before being seasoned with salt. Lets check out the  Best Brazilian Restaurants in Leeds.


Estabulo Rodizio Bar and Grill

St Peter’s Place, Leeds, LS9 8AQ

Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill honour the Brazilian Gaúcho’s traditional method of cooking.  They take the most flavoursome cuts of meat, which are then skewered and cooked slowly on open flames. This method of cooking also means that all the meat served to you fresh at your table, straight from the grill.  You can eat as much or as little as you like, and we have a large selection of meats on offer, so you can stick to what you know or try something a little bit different! Some of the mouth watering options at Estabulo are listed below. 

~A first class cut of meat, tender and full of flavour~

~Delicious succulent Pork Belly Meat~

~A risotto full of flavour with a vegetarian Hard Cheese~

~Tender Lamb seasoned & delivered to your table~

Brazilian Restaurant in Leeds
Estabulo Brazilian Restaurant in Leeds


Waterman’s Place, Leeds LS1 4GL

An exciting South American dining experience awaits you at Fazenda.  “Across the planes of the Pampas, herds of cattle graze vast pastures providing our South American native lands – Argentina and Brazil – with the finest meats.  At Fazenda, we want to keep century-old gaúcho traditions alive, bringing the true essence of our culinary roots and rodizio dining. From the finest grilled meats, to the most exquisite selection of wines, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality ingredients with outstanding service to each and every one of our guests.”

Some of the wonderful dishes at Fazenda –

~On the bone to enhance grilling flavours~

~Beef tenderloin~

~An Argentinian classic. Provolone drizzled in chimichurri and topped with fresh cherry tomatoes. Accompanied with fresh bread for dipping~

~Tender cut with a distinctive meaty taste~

Brazilian Restaurant in Leeds



21-22 Park Row, Leeds LS1 5JF

Not Brazilian, but in Gaucho is a glamorous Argentinian steak restaurant “Bringing a slice of Argentina to Leeds, in the city centre, dine with us during the week to relax with friends or colleagues over a cocktail after work at our bar, grab a swift lunch, a leisurely dinner, or celebrate in one of our private dining rooms. When it comes to the weekend you’re invited to our DJ hosted electro brunch and legendary Sunday roasts at the finest Argentinian steak in Leeds.”

Argentinian Restaurant Leeds


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