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Best Lebanese Restaurants Leeds – As with most Middle Eastern cuisines, Lebanese food is based on that of ancient Levant, a region that includes Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan and of course Lebanon. Through history Lebanon has formed links  with other parts of the world, and this is why you can find elements in the food from across the globe. And, whilst Lebanese food has undergone many changes through the years, it has always maintained a strong connection with its ancient roots. If you are looking to try one of the world’s freshest, healthiest and most delicious cultural foods, then you need to check out the Best Lebanese Restaurants in Leeds.


29 Kirkgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS2 7DR

At Albaba you can expect orthodox and exciting Lebanese cuisine within a traditional and friendly setting. Some of the delicious options from the menu are mentioned below.

Sambousek Lamb

~Deep fried pastry stuffed with potato, onion, and minced lamb~

Fatayer Spinach

~Pastry stuffed with spinach, onion, sumac, lemon juice, and olive oil~

Shish Taouk

~Two skewers of chicken fillet pieces seasoned and grilled. Served with rice and salad or bread and dips. Includes dips, salad, chips, hummus, and garlic sauce~


~Chicken pieces on rice cooked with garlic, potato, and aubergine served with salad. Served with rice and salad or bread and dips. Includes dips, salad, chips, hummus, and garlic sauce~
Lebanese Restaurants Leeds

Comptoir Libanais

27 Albion St, Leeds LS1 5AY

Comptoir Libanais is a true Lebanese restaurant in very way.  “(At Comptoir Libanais )  My main focus with creating a restaurant was to ensure the guests fall in love with the Middle East and its bold flavours and generous hospitality. My dream is still to make Lebanese food as popular as Italian food because I strongly believe the food of the Middle East is the best in the world, and that is what we serve in Comptoir Libanais everyday to our guests.”
Falafel & Fattoush Salad
~Falafel served with lettuce, tomato, spring onion, mint & parsley, with toasted flatbread, pomegranate molasses dressing~
Lamb Kibbeh
~Minced lamb cracked wheat parcels filled with lamb, pine nuts & onion served with mint yoghurt sauce~
Spiced Chicken Kofta
~Grilled minced chicken, herbs, peppers, onions & spices~
Halloumi & Aubergine Burger
~Grilled halloumi, aubergine in coriander marinade, garlic, tomato, pickled cucumber and sesame seeds~
Lebanese Restaurants Leeds

Lebanese Bites

180 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9HB

Lebanese Bites is super popular, particularly among the students of Leeds.  Serving delicious, fresh Lebanese dishes, a selection of which i have listed below.


~Charcoal, grilled skewers of  minced lamb with onions~


~served with red pepper, onions, walnuts and tahini~


~grilled lamb, lemon and sesame sauce, served with lettuce and pickles~

Lebanese Restaurants Leeds

Alkhaleej Lebanese Restaurant Leeds

27 Hyde Park Road, Leeds, LS6 1PY

Alkhaleej Lebanese restaurant in Leeds invites you to visit to experience the authentic Lebanese cuisine they offer.  “Arabian food is rich with nuts & Mediterranean spices, prepared in healthy olive oil.”

Lamb Soup 

~lamb ribs cooked with traditional Arabian herbs, onions and potatoes~

Tagine Chicken

~chicken with seasonal vegetables cooked in a traditional Moroccan style with authentic spices~

Ruz Dajjaj

~2 skewers of grilled chicken with onions, tomatoes, and rice and salad~

Lebanese Restaurants in Leeds


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Best Mexican Restaurants Leeds – The Mexican food style is very earthy, humble, and rich in flavours. The Mexicans create dishes using a wide range of ingredients from all over the country. Did you know UNESCO only recognizes 3 cuisines in the world on its intangible heritage lists…and Mexican is one of them!

Fun Fact – Tomatoes originated in Mexico!

Lupe’s Cantina Mexicana

204-206 Cardigan Road, LS6 1LF

Lupe’s Cantina Mexicana first opened it’s doors in 2016. It’s a true Mexican restaurant in every sense. Family run,  serving traditional Mexican Street food. Just a few items from the extensive menu are listed below.


~crispy rolled tortillas with chicken tinga, topped with black bean hash, salsa roja, lettuce, sourcream and queso fresco~

Siete Mares

~scallops, shrimp, haddock and mussels with potatoes~

Cactus Salad

~grilled cactus, tomatoes, onions, chillies, lettuce, queso fresco~

Carne Asada

~grilled sirloin steak, tomato, black beans and guacamole~

Best Mexican Restaurants Leeds

Neon Cactus – Mexican Restaurant Leeds

35 Call Ln, Leeds LS1 7BT

At Neon Cactus you can enjoy vibrant Mexican cooking for a young crowd with changing tequila cocktails and special feast menus. Some of the delicious items on offer are below.

~smokey chipotle pulled pork burritos~

~tijuana beef taco – fresh onion, coriander and avacodo creme~

~confit chicken wings, roasted garlic and manchego~

Best Mexican Restaurants Leeds

Pinche Pinche Mexican Restaurant

116a Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds  LS7 4NY

Pinche Pinche continues to evolve and their appreciation of Mexican food and culture continues to grow. They use fresh ingredients from quality suppliers which is the basis of the dishes they create.

Black Bean Hummus ~ Served with hand cut corn tortilla chip~

Quesadilla Serrano Ham ~Folded and toasted corn tortilla filled with mature cheddar cheese, Serrano ham and membrillo. Served with avocado salsa~

Burrito Courgette & Cauliflower ~Roasted cauliflower and courgettes in a large flour tortilla, rolled and filled with Mexican rice, black beans, salsa verde, rocket, Mexican slaw, grated vegan cheez, cashew crema and avocado salsa~

Best Mexican Restaurants Leeds

Las Iguanas

Unit 3 Cloth Hall Street, Leeds, LS1 2HD

At Las Iguanas you can enjoy a Latin America experience. Offering  delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine aswell as cocktails and Tapas at the bar, its the perfect way to spend the evening with friends. Below are a few mouth- watering options from the Las Iguanas menu.

Mexican Restaurant in Leeds

Hessian Cantina and Cocina

466 Roundhay Road, Roundhay, Oakwood, Leeds LS8 2HU

Hessian Cantina and Cocina is a popular, honest, down to earth Mexican eatery. You can enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine in vibrant, modern setting. The menu that Hessian offers is simple, but authentic and delicious. Some examples of the dishes on offer are here.

~Korean veggie dumplings with garlic chive & leek ~
~Pork dumplings with Chinese leaf, ginger ~
~Chicken Katsu fried dumplings~

~Cabbage slaw & pickled cucumber, chilli, soy sauce, crispy seaweed, pickled ginger~

Elote fried Mexican street corn 
~fried corn smothered in spicy chipotle mayo, Mexican lime crema & cheese~

~Pulled pork or pulled jack fruit with cucumber, spring onion, coriander, sriracha mayo, sesame seeds, crispy onions~

Mexican Restaurant in Leeds


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Best French Restaurants Leeds – French cuisine is famous world wide, and rightly so . The French are a nation of foodies and take their meals very seriously. Once you start to research French food and its history, it’s easy to see why. In fact, food is such an integral part of French culture that UNESCO placed the ‘gastronomic meal of the French’ on its list of intangible human culture.

Fun facts about French food!

Around 500 million snails are consumed per year in France.

 Ten billion baguettes are baked and sold each year in France. There are even strict laws that govern their production. To be officially named a baguette, the bread can only contain three ingredients – flour, yeast and salt, absolutely no preservatives, and each must weight exactly 250 grams.

Let’s check out the Best French restaurants in Leeds!

Kendells Bistro

3 St Peters Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH

A truly French, atmospheric restaurant offering the very best if French cuisine in a beautiful, romantic setting. Kendells Bistro gives the ultimate Parisian bistro experience.  Just a few of the mouth watering options from the menu are listed below.


~baked scallops in shell, chorizo, roast garlic, hazelnut butter~


~course French country terrine, cornichons~


~braised leg and shoulder rabbit, d’agen prunes, calvados cream paperdelle pasta, crispy ham~


~ox cheek, red wine, mushrooms, bacon, garlic, shallots, mash~


~grilled fillets of sea bass, cod, king prawns, scallop, squid parsley. garlic, capers, olive oil lemon garlic~

Best French Restaurants Leeds

Sous le Nez French Restaurant in Leeds

The Basement, Quebec House, Quebec Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire. LS1 2HA

Sous le Nez is a popular French restaurant, conveniently located in the heart of Leeds city.

…”From a quick lunch, shopping retreat, post work dinner and drinks or a night of wonderful food and atmosphere, we are a french inspired bistro and restaurant and have something for every occasion. The restaurant at Sous le Nez is a cavernous basement with an array of nooks and crannies and secluded private spaces. Its ‘subterranean’ nature provides the ideal hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the city above…”

Anfew of the delicious options from the menu are listed below.

~Individual Fillet of Beef Wellington, Red Wine Sauce~

~Outdoor Reared Duo of Pork; Pork Fillet Topped with Dijon Mustard, Pink Peppercorns & Watercress, Wrapped in Bayonne Ham and Baked in Filo Pastry. Belly Pork, Crackling, Green Apple Gel, Red Wine Jus~

~Minimum 30 Day Dry Aged, Char- Grilled Fillet Steak, Field Mushroom & Tomato or Peppercorn Sauce~

~Pan Seared Pigeon Breast, Tartlet of Fricasse of Wild Mushrooms, Chicory, Pancetta~

Best French Restaurants Leeds

Brasserie Blanc

Victoria Mill, Sovereign Street, Leeds, LS1 4BJ

You can enjoy authentic french inspired food in a upmarket setting at Brasserie Blanc.

…”Our food is sourced with care from some of the best producers and farmers in the country, the dishes are freshly prepared by our wonderful chefs and brought to you by knowledgeable teams who are here to make your visit just as perfect as it can be. Our classic French food has been joined on our menu by some wonderful new dishes inspired by Raymond Blanc’s travels so we visit North Africa, Asia and even the Americas with our tastes and textures. We have something for everyone so if you don’t have a ‘taste for adventure’ then tuck into great steaks, burgers, fishcakes and awesome desserts….”

Best French Restaurants Leeds

Le Chalet

31-32 Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5JD

At Le Chalet you can enjoy a unique experience. Not only offering the more traditional french dishes, you can also enjoy afternoon tea and dedicated ‘ cheese nights’.

..”In le Chalet, you have a unique experience of exclusivity. For us, you are the one & only; we value individuality & taste. All products are baked and cooked in house; we are aware of the goodness of real ingredients…”

Le Chalet Mussels
~Freshly caught mussels cooked Mariniere style with Garlic, White Wine, Parsley & Cream~

La Campagnarde
~Mix of Bacon, potatoes, Onions, Mushrooms, Green beans cooked
in creamy garlic sauce served on a a galette~

Onion Soup
~Classical French soup made with caramelised onions cooked in a rich beef stock topped with grilled bread and Emmental cheese~

Best French Restaurants in Leeds


K25, Albion St, Leeds LS1 5AT

At Crepaffaire the  crepes are fast & fresh, prepared in front of you and made with sweet or savoury natural ingredients.

Ultimate Nutella

~Double Nutella, Whipped cream, Ice cream~

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese

 ~Scottish smoked salmon, Cream cheese, Chives~



~Tomato, Spinach, Mushroom, Cheddar~

The Whole Shebang

~Strawberries, Bananas, Nutella®, Whipped Cream, Ice Cream~

Best French Restaurants in Leeds

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Polish Restaurants Leeds – Polish cuisine is rich in meat, with pork, chicken and beef, being the most common meats used in Polish recipes. The recipes are also made up of a wide range of vegetables, spices, and herbs.   In the middle ages, Polish food was  based on wheat, meat, fruits, herbs, honey, and spices – everything was local grown or sourced. Cutlery was  not used so the food was relished by hand. The  meat, fish, and vegetables were preserved with salt or by the sundrying process.

Polish food has adapted and modernised but the wonderful flavours remain. Let’s check out the Best Polish Restaurants in Leeds.


Cracovia Taste of Poland

Newton Hill Rd, Leeds LS7 4JE

At Cracovia Taste of Poland you can expect  an exceptional Polish menu, prepared with the very best traditional  ingredients. The recipes are prepared to an excellent level  of quality  – the duck dishes have a particularly excellent reputation. Check out some of the delicious items on the menu.

~home smoked duck breast, liver pate and black current emulsion~

~smoked salmon and crayfidsh parcel , served with crisp leaf salad~

~whole roasted ham hock , served with silesian style mashed potato with sauerkraut~

~traditional steak tartar with a shot of polish vodka~

Polish Restaurants Leeds

Smak! The Polish Kitchen

372 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS4 2HQ

At Smak! you can expect delicious polish cuisine but with a trendy, modern twist.

….”Maintaining many of the age old traditional methods used in Polish cuisine, we bring it to the 21st century by presenting dishes with a contemporary twist. Using only the finest ingredients, we produce everything by hand, and with love, here in Yorkshire….”


~dumplings filled with asparagus and oyster mushroom with a chive sauce ~

Chicken Schnitzel 

~pan fried chicken breast in breadcrumbs, served with roasted garlic potatoes and sauerkraut~


~rye soup with kielbasa sausage, egg, potatoes, onion and garlic~

Polish Restaurants Leeds

Babsi Bar and Restaurant

212-214 Kirkgate, WF1 1UF

Babsi Bar and Restaurant is a very popular place to get your delicious and polish cuisine.

~Polish Potato Pancake with Sour Cream~

~polish dumplings stuffed with potatoes,cottage cheese & caramelized onion~

~prawns and chorizo linguine with olive oil and coriander~

~avocado, spinach and bacon salad with croutons & house dressing~

Polish Restaurants Leeds

Polskie Smaki

81 Leeds Road, BB9 9TG

At Polskie Smaki you can enjoy traditional Polish cuisine. All dishes are created from fresh produce. Well known for its warm welcome and popularity within the community, this restaurant is certainly worth a visit. Some of the dishes available on the menu are listed below.

~russian dumplings~

~chicken kiev with mushroom and cheese~

~breaded pork chop with fried egg~

~pasta with chicken, mushroom and garlic~

Polish Restaurants Leeds


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Places for the Best Burgers in Leeds – The royalty of fast food…Burgers. Everyone loves burgers, that’s because they are convenient, filling and down-right delicious. Many restaurants have now taken burgers to another level, adding wild and wonderful ingredients, ensuring that the burger – meal is never boring! Before we explore the Best Burgers in Leeds let me enlighten you with a couple of mind – blowing burger facts.

In America alone, 50 billion burgers are eaten in one single year! So, if all Hamburgers eaten by Americans in a year are arranged in a straight line, it would circle our Earth 32 times or more! Wow!


Almost Famous

Alexander Court, Great George St, Leeds LS1 3AL

Almost Famous Burgers has ventured across The Pennines from its home town of Manchester to bring its very famous variety of burgers,  to Leeds. You can expect  over-the-top, packed and stacked burgers, mouth watering sides and splendid selection of drinks. Below are a few of the delectable items available on the menu.


~ultimate cheeseburger fix double juicy famous cheeseburger – wonderbutter onion – famous sauce – smoky bacon
ketchup – pickles~

2020stk best ever steak burger

~Double cheeseburger – wonderbuttered peppered rump steak – steak sauce – smashed pots – chorizo – peppered mayo – bacon ketchup – dijon mustard~

Wonderland Fries 

~Winning fries – wonderbutter – bacon mayo -hot AF – bleu cheese sauce – bacon rain -shoestring onion – jalapeno & red onion~

Crack Shack

~crack fried chicken and awesome sauce double cheeseburger – double buttermilk fried chicken – JD maple – smashed tots – bacon rain – awesome sauce – redneck bbq – creamy peppered mayo – pickles ~


best burger leeds

Byron Burgers

9A Lands Lane, Leeds LS1 6AW

Established in 2007, Byron burgers has been serving delicious burgers, craft beers and American shakes.  All the burgers are served with bottomless fries ( when you dine in !) Lets take  a look at some of the stars of the Byron Burger Menu.

best burgers in leeds
Byron Burgers

Easy 59th

Victoria Gate, 3rd Floor Rooftop, George Street, LS2 7AU

East 59th is a Rooftop Restaurant, Bar & Terrace in the centre of vibrant Leeds. During the day, it’s a offers contemporary dining and you can expect all the American style dishes that you love. In the evening it transforms into a sophisticated Manhattan-style rooftop restaurant.
Offering a trendy, airy, vibrant atmosphere, you don’t only have the choice of burgers. However, the burgers on offer are some of the best in the city. 
East Cheeseburger 
~8oz beef patty, lettuce, gherkins, Chipotle mayo, cheddar & skinny fries~
Veg Stack Burger
~Veg patty, halloumi, lettuce, gherkins & fries~
Crispy Chicken Burger 
~Brioche buns, cheddar, chipotle mayo, lettuce, BBQ & fries~
burger joints in leeds
Easy 59th

Red’s True Barbecue

Cloth Hall Street, Leeds, LS1 2HD

At Red’s True Barbecue you can enjoy sumptuous slow cooked meat marinated in specially crafted seasonings and flavours and then cooked in casual wood and brick filled barbecue oven. Offering a unique and extensive traditionally American menu.

“Come forth believers to the original church of true barbecue in Leeds. We’re here to save your hungry souls. Make the pilgrimage to the place that started it all and worship at the altar of meat where so many before you have seen the light. Rejoice! You’re home. You’re saved.”

Some of the stars of the menu are listed below.

XXX Burger 

Devil Wing

~beef patty, 666 sauce, chilli cheese sauce, burger cheese, smoked bacon, fried onions, jalapenos, pickles. Served with
fired-up fries~

Moving Mountains Burger

~100% plant-based patty, Unholy BBQ, vegan cheese, vegan mayo, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles ~

The Pit Burger 

~Beef patty, brisket, chopped pork, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, and Dirty sauce ~

burgers in leeds
Red’s True Barbecue



MEATliquor Leeds offers an “authentic American bar and diner experience in downtown Leeds.  It is located in The Trinity Centre, behind Victoria’s Secret.”

1924 Burger

~Double patty, 1924 blue cheese sauce, minced pickled red onions~

Dead Hippie Burger

~Mustard- fried double patty, Dead- Hippie sauce, lettuce, american cheese,  pickles, minced white onions~

Green Chilli Cheese Burger

~Double patty, american cheese, spicy green chilli butter, red onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup~

best burgers leeds


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Korean BBQ and Korean Restaurants Leeds – Korean food is mostly made up of rice, noodles, vegetables, and meats. Korean is different from many other cuisines due to the side dishes that are served during meals. The number of side dishes provided can range  from 2 to 12, but everyday meals will feature at least a couple. These side dishes are known as ‘banchen’. When you eat at a Korean restaurant, your ‘banchen’ will be served to you before your main meal in small bowls and can be anything from vegetables to meat to seafood prepared in many different ways. 


Choessi Ajeossi Korean Restaurant

6A Great George St, Leeds LS1 3DW

At Choessi Ajeossi Korean Restaurant they are very proud of the delicious and authentic Korean fayre that they serve.” Our menus are specially curated to offer a unique experience and taste of South Korean cuisine. We use combination of local and imported ingredients to provide the most authentic flavours and textures for your tastebuds. Our chefs are well-trained and committed to serve the most divine South Korean food you’ll have in Leeds….”

Just a few of the delightful dishes on offer are shown below.

Honey Fried Chicken

~Honey & Mustard Crispy Fried Chicken 蜂蜜芥末脆皮炸鸡~

Haemul Pajeon 해물파전 海鲜煎饼

~Korean Style Seafood Pancake~

~Korean Traditional Rice Roll with Yellow Preserved Radish, Cucumber, Fried Egg, Carrot, Crabsticks, Ham~


~Vegetarian. Chinese Style Grilled Naengmyeon in Sweet & Chilli Garlic Sauce, Contains Onions and Egg~


Jokbal 족발 猪脚

~Braised Pig’s Trotters Served with Lettuce~

korean restaurant leeds
Choessi Ajeossi Korean Restaurant

Bulgogi Grill – Korean Table BBQ

The Arena Quarter, 9 Merrion Way, Leeds LS2 8BT

Bulgogi Grill offers an exciting and authentic Korean Table BBQ experience, right in the heart of Leeds!  “Our excellent quality, locally sourced meats and seafood are cooked on your table-top grill after being marinated in traditional and specially selected Korean seasonings and sauces. Along with Korean and Asian influenced side dishes, beers, and cocktails, Bulgogi Grill creates a unique and exciting culinary experience.”

At the Bulgogi Grill you choose form one of the mouth watering, generous set menu options. Some of the items included are below.


~Vegetable Mandu Dumplings~

~Kimbap – Korean Sushi~

Seogogi Bulgogi

~Bulgogi beef in signature marinade~


~marinated prawn~


~squid brushed with Korean soy sauce~

Korean Table BBQ Leeds
Bulgogi Grill – Korean Table BBQ


331 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 4HT

Yokohama is a contemporary Korean and Japanese Restaurant conveniently located  in the centre of Leeds, serving both authentic Korean and Japanese food.  “Our food is all freshly prepared in-house to order, using the best quality ingredients from local suppliers. With over 100 dishes to choose from, including sushi, sushi rolls, sashimi, grilled food, tempura and last but not least rice and noodles.”

Spicy Seafood Ramen

~spicy ramen noodle soup with seafood and vegetables~

Seabass Teriaki

~grilled seabass fillet with teriaki~

Yaki Gyoza

~deep fried dumplings with chicken and vegetables~

Dolsot Bibimbab

~mixed vegetables with beef in a stone bowl~

korean restaurants leeds

Seoul Kitchen

Blackwells Bookshop, 21 Woodhouse Lane, LS29HJ

If you are looking for fresh and authentic Korean food in the heart of Leeds, then check out Seoul Kitchen. A trendy, quirky pop up with excellent reviews for providing delicious dishes.

An example of the cuisine available is as below.

Bul Gogi

~beef marinated in sweet, soy garlic sauce served with rice and salad~

Jeyuk Bokkeum

~paper thin pork shoulder with vegetables, stir fried in a spicy sauce and served with rice and salad~

Dak Galbi

~spicy stir fried chicken and vegetables, served with rice and salad~

korean streetfood leeds
Seoul Kitchen


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Best Vietnamese Restaurants Leeds – Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its delicious and sometimes surprising flavours. It enjoys a diversity that catches the interest of many and the perfect combination between vegetables and meats makes it one of the healthiest food in the world.

Interestingly, according to Vietnamese legend, locals believe that there are three Kitchen Gods observing the daily affairs of the kitchen.


Bun Mese

77A Great George St, Leeds LS1 3BR

Bun Mese is a lively and popular Vietnamese Restaurant in Leeds. The fresh and healthy menu offers something tasty to suit everyone. Some options from the menu can be seen below.

~pork and prawn rice paper roll~

~roast duck papaya salad~

~crackling pork viet baguette~

~beef viet noodle soup~

Vietnamese Restaurants Leeds
Bun Mese

Viet Guy

159 Lower Briggate, Leeds. LS1 6LY

Viet Guy has been established since 2016 and is a family run Vietnamese restaurant. Their food, like the traditional Vietnamese food is healthy, fresh, vibrant and yet still full of flavour.

To give you an idea of what is on offer afew of the stars of the menu are listed below.


~Crispy spring rolls filled with mushrooms, carrots, onions and glass noodles. Served with lettuce, mint, coriander and Vietnamese dipping sauce~


~Shredded green Papaya, mango, carrots and mixed herbs~


~broth is made from beef & chicken bones which have been left to simmer for at least 6 hours. Served with linguine rice noodles and garnished with fresh herbs and beansprouts~


Banh and Mee

Westminster Buildings, 31 New York St, Leeds LS2 7DT

At Banh and Mee you can enjoy authentic Vietnamese Street Food in a trendy and vibrant setting. Below are some of the delicious items on offer from the menu.


~2 X Vegan bao’s Salt and pepper tofu Salt and pepper chips Sweet chilli sauce~


~Accompanied with side salad, house pickles and sriracha sauce on the side~


~Crispy baguette filled with house pickles, fresh herbs, mayo and cucumber. With a side of sriracha sauce~
vietnamese food Leeds
Banh and Mee

Pho Vietnamese Restaurant Leeds

Trinity Kitchen, 27 Albion St, Leeds LS1 5AT

Pho is a family-run business serving great value, healthy Vietnamese street food that is cooked fresh daily.


~Tender fried baby squid with a salt, pepper & lime dip~


~Savoury Vietnamese crispy crepe with rice papers & herbs~

Wok fried noodles 

~wok-fried flat rice noodles with lemongrass, chilli and Asian greens.
Served with peanuts & nước chấm. vg dish served with nước chấm chay~

Crab noodle soup 

~a Hanoi classic; vermicelli noodles in a rich tomato & crab broth with wafer thin steak & tofu, topped with fried shallots~

Banana blossom salad 

~fragrant banana blossom salad with tender beef, peanuts & star fruit~

vietnamese restaurant Leeds
Pho Vietnamese

Pho Heaven (Takeaway)

11 Queens Street, Morley, LS27 8EG

Pho Heaven is a family-run business serving great value, healthy Vietnamese street food that is cooked with daily fresh ingredients.  “Besides, our  Pho is outstanding delicate and homemade, we start with our broth, which we simmer for 24 hours before adding a variety of fresh ingredients including meats, vegetables and herb. “Bánh mì” Vietnamese baguette is also our street food sensation which packed with deliciously lemongrass meat, quick pickles and topped with chilly sauce. The variety of dishes at Pho Heaven across Vietnam from our authentic hand rolled fresh “gỏi cuốn” summer rolls, “nem thịt” spring roll, “bò tái chanh”rare beef in lime juice salad to our “bún bò nướng” beef wrapped in betel leaves noodle salad, “bò lúc lắc” shaking beef, “bùn bò Huế” spicy noodle soup, and “bun/cơm thịt nướng” chargrilled meat with noodle salad or rice inspired by the traditional street food in Vietnam.”

Prawn And Pork Spring Roll

~Fried spring rolls with a prawn & pork and fish sauce~

Fried Duck In Plum

~SauceVit Chiên Sốt Nuoc Mận~

Prawn Summer RollGỗi Cuôn Tôm

~Fresh soft rice paper rolls with a prawn and hoisin peanut dipping sauce ~

Vietnamese takeaway leeds
Pho Heaven


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Best Turkish Restaurants Leeds – Turkey enjoys a rich and diverse food scene. The country’s cuisine is one of the oldest in the world and it has been around for thousands of years. Its geographical location, trade, religion, plus various external influences have all contributed to the development of the prominent Turkish cuisines we know today.  Interestingly,  almost every city in the country has its own cuisine.

In this post we are going to explore the Best Turkish Restaurants in Leeds.

Istanbul Grill

194a New Road Side, Horsforth, LS18 4DP

At Istanbul Grill they strive to provide delicious and high-quality food, with their  priority being to satisfy the customers needs . They offer a variety of excellent food, prepared with the freshest and finest ingredients, to the highest standard.  “We serve a variety of food such as pizzas, burgers, wraps, kebabs and more.”

See below for some of the menu options.

Istanbul Prawn Casserole

~Karides Guvec, Succulent prawns oven baked in our special tomato, green peppers and onion sauce with a hint of garlic topped with gruyere cheese ~

Stuffed Vine Leaves

~Yaprak Sarma, Vine leaves stuffed with rice, pine kernels, onion juice, olive oil, chopped dill and parsley ~

Lamb Shish

~Kuzu Sis, Succulent cubes leg of lamb marinated in herbs and chargrilled~


~Musakka, Our ever popular oven baked dish of layered aubergine, courgette, peppers, potatoes, mushrooms and tomato topped with bechamel sauce and cheese ~ 

turkish restaurant leeds
Istanbul Grill

Ephesus Turkish Restaurant

4, Rodley Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS13 1HU

Ephesus Turkish Restaurant takes the care and satisfaction of its customers very seriously. They offer authentic delicious Turkish cuisine.  “Exciting varieties of dishes from Appetizers to Desserts, all are zestfully available at Ephesus Turkish Restaurant.  Ephesus Turkish Restaurant promises to serve you 100% delicious, tasty and fresh food.”

Iskender Kebab

~A very popular Turkish dish. Slices of lamb, slice of bread, special butter, Iskender sauce with garlic, natural yoghurt, parsley and Turkish herbs~

Beef Stifado

~Diced Beef with Mediterranean herbs, tomatoes and onions, slowly cooked in olive oil~

Mixed Kavurma (turkish style fajitas)

~Marinated chicken and lamb with onions, mushrooms and fresh garlic, served with salad, cacik, mozzarella cheese and tortilla~

Sucuklu Pide

~Sucuklu, free range eggs, cheddar cheese, Feta cheese and mozzarella cheese~

Turkish Restaurant leeds
Ephesus Turkish Restaurant

Mr Mackerel

Market Kitchen, Leeds Kirkgate Market, Mr Mackerel, Leeds LS2 7HW

Mr Mackerel provides traditional Turkish street food in Leeds Market, specialising in high quality grilled fish and meat.  “If you can’t make it to Istanbul, we will give you the closest and most authentic Istanbul experience – but in the heart of Leeds.”

Chicken Shish Sandwich

~Skewer of grilled chicken shish with salad in a sandwich~

Lamb Kofta Wrap

~Skewer of lamb kofta with salad in a wrap~

leeds turkish restaurants
Mr Mackerel

Konak Meze

Horsforth, 9-11 Town Street, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5LJ

At Konak Meze you can expect to enjoy a sophisticated Turkish experience.  “As devoted ambassadors of revolutionised Authentic Turkish cuisine, we are determined our restaurants to brings to Harrogate and Horsforth (Leeds) a true taste of Turkey. With many dishes dating back to time of the Ottoman Empire Sultans. Together with exceptional service from the dedicated staff, you will experience the truly unique dining with us.”

Patlican Salata 

~Smoked aubergine with mix pepper, garlic, lemon juice and herbs~
Konak Meze Cold Sharing Plater 
~A delicious selection of cold starters, comprising of: Humus, Cacik, Yaprak Sarma, Ezme Salata, Kisir, Pilaki, Saksuka~

Muska Boregi 

~Deep fried filo pastry filled with potatoes and spinach served with salad and a yogurt dip~

Arnavut Ciger

~Pan fried lamb liver with red onions, cumin, oregano, paprika (An original 17th century Ottoman street food dish)~
Meze Turkish restaurant in leeds
Konak Meze

The Agora

207-209 New Road Side, Horsforth, LS18 4DR

Experience mouth-watering Greek and Turkish cuisine in a relaxed and family – friendly atmosphere. The Agora restaurant is perfect for a choice to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine.  ” We are a family-run business, serving a variety of authentic dishes made from only the finest and freshest ingredients.”  Have a look at their selection of Greek and Turkish food.


~Chick peas, rissoles, a middle-eastern delicacy~

Lamb Keftedes 

~Lamb meatballs, breadcrumbs, onion herbs, mint & sauce~


~Grated courgettes, cheese, onion, fresh herbs mixed with flour and deep fried. Served with tzatziki~

Melizano Salata

~Chargrilled aubergine, peppers, mixed with olive oil & lime juice~

turkish restaurants leeds
The Agora


La Bistro

124 Long Row, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5AT

Established in March 2015, La Bistro is a family run Mediterranean restaurant which has an excellent reputation for serving a wide variety of delicacies from the Mediterranean, particularly Greece and Turkey.

“Offering a range of cuisine to suit every taste, La Bistro stands out for it’s extensive menu and prides itself on using only the freshest and finest ingredients for each dish. Our host of international chefs and front of house staff means that we can deliver an authentic European dining experience.”

Lamb Skewers

~Chunky pieces of lamb marinated in olive oil, lime juice, herbs and tomato puree, chargrilled served with rice and a mixed salad~


La Bistro Meat Platter 

~Skewers of chicken, lamb, meatball and lamb cutlet marinated in olive, lime juice and herbs, chargrilled served with rice and a mixed salad~



~Lean and tender minced lamb patties, slightly spiced, mixed with herbs, chargrilled served with rice and a mixed salad~
turkish restaurants in leeds
La Bistro




Greek Restaurants Leeds – Greek food is simple and elegant. Known for its subtle flavours, robust textures and  nutritious and healthy dishes Greek food is popular all over the world.  Interestingly, the first cookbook was written by the Greek food gourmand ,Archestratos, in 330 B.C. This would suggest that cooking has always been of importance and significance in Greek society. Below we have the Best Greek Restaurants in Leeds.

Tavernaki Bistro

18 Great George St, Leeds LS1 3DW

Tavernaki Bistro is a well established Greek restaurant in Leeds, serving traditional Greek dishes in a friendly and modern  atmosphere. An excellent selection of wines perfectly compliment the Mediterranean cuisine. Some of the delicious dishes from the menu are listed below.

Keftedes Meatballs

Pork Souvlaki

~Tender cuts of pork, marinated in authentic Greek herbs and lemony olive oil~

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Best Restaurants for Dim Sum Leeds – Much like how the Spanish eat Tapas, Dim Sum dishes are shared among family and friends. It is a traditional Chinese meal made up of small plates of dumplings and other snack dishes and is usually accompanied by chinese tea.  Usually dim sum is consumed during brunch hours — late morning to lunchtime.  A nice fun fact – The literal Dim Sum translation in Chinese is to “touch the heart”.

Lets check out the Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Leeds.

Mans Market

Unit F, West Point, Wellington St, Leeds LS1 4JJ

Mans Market is a “brand born in a small fishing village in the New Terrorities of Hong Kong. Its development has taken many years through travelling, observation, education and learning the art of cooking Chinese cuisine.

With a theatrical wow entrance based on the Ladies Market in Hong Kong, fun eye catching cocktails and a classic Chinese menu modernised with a new aged twist. Mans Market looks to re-energise Chinese food within an accessible and hip environment in its flag ship Leeds city centre restaurant and bar site, situated in the West Point building opposite the brand new Central Square development. ”

Items from the Dim Sum menu include:

~Firecracker Chicken~
~Satay Chicken~
~Crispy Aromatic Duck Rolls~
~Mushroom, Corn and Bamboo War Tip Dumpling~
~Hot and Sour Soup~

dim sum leeds


Oriental City Restaurant

30-36 Cross Stamford Street, Leeds, LS7 1BA

The Oriental City Restaurant was first established in 2007 offering Oriental cuisines in elegant and authentic surroundings.  Oriental City offers an extensive range of choices of dim sum. An idea of what is available on the menu is below.

~Special Crispy Platter  (Sesame Prawn Toast, Spring Rolls, Seaweed, Crispy Won Ton & Spare Ribs)~
~King Prawns in Salt & Chilli ~
~Salt and Pepper Squid ~
~Paper Wrap Prawns ~
~Satay Chicken on Skewers ~
~Pork Dumplings ~
~Sesame Prawn Meat on Toast~

dim sum leeds

Crown Buffet – Dim Sum Leeds

Academy Building, Gower St, Leeds LS2 7PX

Crown buffet is a family run business established since 2007.  They have an extensive Dim Sum menu but also do all-you-can-eat buffets,  Crown Buffet pride themselves on “bringing the taste of East with the West, and over the years have served many people from many countries.”

Just a few of the delicious options from the dim sum menu are shown here .

~wanton and rice noodles~

~salt and pepper pork chops with rice~

~potato glass noodles in hot and spicy soup~

~dried scallops and egg white fried rice~

~fried vermicelli with duck~

dim sum leeds


Minerva House 29 East Parade Minerva, LS1 5PS

Tattu Leeds offers diners a dim sum culinary experience like no other in Leeds.  “Located on East Parade, the restaurant’s menu embraces traditional Asian flavours and delivers contemporary Chinese cuisine in beautiful surroundings. The restaurant has dining space on the ground floor including the White Rose Garden covered terrace.

Tattu Leeds offers a range of options for large party bookings and events. Our Private Dining Room is located on our mezzanine level amongst the tops of our blossom trees. The space is available for hire for up to 16 guests.

The White Rose Garden Terrace is our second private dining space which benefits from a retractable roof for those warm summer days. The terrace can accommodate between 10 and 20 guests exclusively.”


~Ichimi pepper, five spice and sweet chilli sauce~


~Chilli, garlic and cherry hoisin sauce~


~Shiitake and asparagus~


~Lime, shallots and lemongrass~


Little Tokyo

24 Central Rd, Leeds LS1 6DE

Little Tokyo – ” A Japanese Restaurant with Yorkshire roots.  Here we aim to bring the unique and delicate tastes of Japan to you, with ingredients and inspiration found in Yorkshire. When you dine with us, you can expect to enjoy a friendly & quick service, alongside a cosy atmosphere that will help you relax whilst you eat and drink the night away with your friends & family. Come Join us on our journey to bring a Little part of Japan, to the heart of Yorkshire. – Little Tokyo.”

Below we tease your taste buds with some examples from the delicious dim sum menu available at Little Tokyo.

Dim Sum Siu Mai

~Pockets of mouth-watering minced pork, steamed and served with sweet chilli sauce~

Crystal Prawn Dumplings

~Juicy minced prawn contained in a delicate translucent pastry~

Soft Shell Crab Tempura

~Soft shell deep fried crabs in Japanese batter~

dim sum leeds
Little Tokyo


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